Medicine’s democratic deficit. Time for middle-aged, white, privileged males to move over

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It’s hardly news that things have not been going well for various professional elites lately. Economists so busy promoting the neo-liberal agenda they failed to notice the on-coming depression; politicians resolutely deaf to constituents’ complaints that generosity to those at the top had destroyed jobs and cut wages at the bottom.

Current Posts – 07 August 2017

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The assumption of their superiority […]

Diet war veterans last stand. Recent saturated fat attack a blast from the past

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Last week a ‘Presidential Advisory Statement’ about saturated fat from the American Heart Association (AHA) produced a ‘you cannot be serious’ reaction from anyone who has looked at the evidence for the theory that saturated fat raises the risk of heart disease.

Current Posts – 23 June 2017

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Science is great, right, because […]

Dietitians and cancer specialists both favour failed treatments

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Patients hoping for a diet to help with diabetes are doomed to disappointment in South Africa. Meanwhile over a billion pounds has been spent in the UK on cancer drugs that don’t work, says a new report. In South Africa, the scientist who blew the whistle is in the dock…

Current Posts – 24 May 2017

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Patients hoping for a diet […]

Official Eatwell Guide a disaster yet supporters refuse to discuss the obvious low carb alternative

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Three events I have attended in the last month highlight the fact that the Government’s Eatwell Guide is not just clearly unhealthy but indefensibly so.

Current Posts – 13 April 2017

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The recent performances of those […]

How to cut the chemotherapy dose in half and get better results. (The nurse who is giving power back to cancer patients)

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Last week I ended my post with the finger pointing firmly at sugar (glucose) in the blood as being a vital source of fuel for cancer growth. Turning cancerous has the effect of re-wiring a cell’s energy production system so it becomes more demanding and less efficient (known as glycolosis).

Current Posts – 07 March 2017

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One-time chemotherapy nurse Patricia Peat […]

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