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Cholesterol: I’ve never been wrong so fast or so right

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Rarely have I been proven wrong quite so fast. After confidently informing the world that the post-statin cholesterol lowering drugs PCSK9 inhibitors would be launched upon an unsuspecting public in the near future, with billion dollar marketing budgets, it seems that I was wrong. Although who knows, I may be wrong about being wrong. (Read more…)

Why does the government ignore evidence for the benefits of Vitamin D?

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Some years ago I became interested in how the government and the Department of Health deal with preventing illness. My own health had improved after I had lost a lot of weight and I felt so much better that I began researching what else could keep me feeling so well. One bit of advice that kept cropping up was to keep Vitamin D levels topped up. (Read more…)

Current Posts – 16 Nov 2013

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Evidence for medical treatments, like Campbell’s coup, comes in many different varieties. As Dr Malcolm Kendrick’s latest feature reveals, when evidence is needed to licence the first post-statin drug intended to cut the risk of a heart attack, there is no need to show it actually does cut the risk, only that is lowers cholesterol, which is not necessarily the same thing at all.(Read more…)

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