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Normally, when official NHS medical bodies declare there is no evidence to support some non-drug or lifestyle treatment, that’s it. X doesn’t work. It’s official. Those aware of the benefits have neither the resources nor the ability to mount an effective rebuttal. A campaign to gather evidence for the benefit of high-dose vitamin C to treat Covid-19 infected patients is changing that. Official claims to assess the evidence are shown to be confused and misleading. [Read the post…]

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A remarkably unequal knock-down, drag-out contest is about to kick off over cholesterol-lowering.  In one corner is a major drug company with a massive PR team and a relatively new drug that hammers down cholesterol. In the other is a Lancashire GP who has long claimed cholesterol is innocent with a new book that explains what really causes heart disease. If science was the referee would be a slam-dunk for the GP. [Read the post…]

The dismissal of patients as deluded or malicious when they challenge the benefits or safety of medical treatments has reached a crescendo with the arrival of the vaccine. So, the recent decision by NICE to reject a treatment for CFS/ME that patients had campaigned against for a decade is to be welcomed. Medical experts aren’t always right, and patients deserve more respect and attention when they disagree. [Read the post…]

The idea that Vitamins C and D could provide defence or treatment for Covid-19 is pretty familiar but the NHS has always regarded the idea with deep suspicion, routinely claiming there is not enough evidence to supplement them, ignoring the many evidence-free drugs with a nasty raft of side-effects that are being enthusiastically trialled. Within the last week, three things have happened that might promote a serious re-think of this policy. [Read the post…]




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