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Normally, when official NHS medical bodies declare there is no evidence to support some non-drug or lifestyle treatment, that’s it. X doesn’t work. It’s official. Those aware of the benefits have neither the resources nor the ability to mount an effective rebuttal. A campaign to gather evidence for the benefit of high-dose vitamin C to treat Covid-19 infected patients is changing that. Official claims to assess the evidence are shown to be confused and misleading. [Read the post…]

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A remarkably unequal knock-down, drag-out contest is about to kick off over cholesterol-lowering.  In one corner is a major drug company with a massive PR team and a relatively new drug that hammers down cholesterol. In the other is a Lancashire GP who has long claimed cholesterol is innocent with a new book that explains what really causes heart disease. If science was the referee would be a slam-dunk for the GP. [Read the post…]

The dismissal of patients as deluded or malicious when they challenge the benefits or safety of medical treatments has reached a crescendo with the arrival of the vaccine. So, the recent decision by NICE to reject a treatment for CFS/ME that patients had campaigned against for a decade is to be welcomed. Medical experts aren’t always right, and patients deserve more respect and attention when they disagree. [Read the post…]

The idea that Vitamins C and D could provide defence or treatment for Covid-19 is pretty familiar but the NHS has always regarded the idea with deep suspicion, routinely claiming there is not enough evidence to supplement them, ignoring the many evidence-free drugs with a nasty raft of side-effects that are being enthusiastically trialled. Within the last week, three things have happened that might promote a serious re-think of this policy. [Read the post…]




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  • Jerome,
    The adage “Follow the money” seems to apply to medicines, medical process, pharma testing, pharmaceutical production and distribution and perhaps much more in the world of health. This adage, to the disastrous life-threatening detriment of “man-in-the-street” people.

    I have long maintained that Good Health is Normal, else this human experiment (IMO by God) would have ceased many millennia ago.

    Therefore, everything we do as people for ourselves and family should be laser focussed on that principle. Moreover, it should be the primary objective of doctors, nurses, researchers, pharmacies, hospitals, and big pharma. Yes. we do occasionally have conditions that require urgent medical attention – especially if it is an imminent life threatening condition. Such conditions must be attended to with due speed by whatever appropriate means.

    But where, oh where, is the laser focus on Good Health? Where is the action, starting with Diet and lifestyle, to continually determinably pursue Good Health is Normal?

    (As an aside I believe that Dr Chris Kresser [whom you probably know of] is one of those with this laser focus. There is probably a significant minority (evidence is the vastly different medical reactions to the clot shot).

    I blame GP’s who are at the forefront (the coal face if you will) of the interactions between health compromised (immune compromised) people and treatment. Obviously, correct the condition first before then attending to the ill-health condition; often chronic because of chronic putrid lifestyle. (“putrid” is deliberately chosen).

    Until the above adage is corrected the ill-health problem will persist.


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