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 Is our understanding of the cause of cancer profoundly wrong? Could this account for the painfully slow improvement in treatment.? These are just some of the big questions raised by a remarkable new theory of cancer which challenges almost everything you thought you knew about it. The implications for treatment could be huge. [Read the post…]

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While Alzheimer’s drugs have repeatedly been failing trials, other researchers have been gathering data showing that dementia is not a grim and inevitable decline. The brain is affected by health problems in your body and there are many ways to stay healthier that can help protect your brain cells as well. [Read the post…]

Normally, when official NHS medical bodies declare there is no evidence to support some non-drug or lifestyle treatment, that’s it. X doesn’t work. It’s official. Those aware of the benefits have neither the resources nor the ability to mount an effective rebuttal. A campaign to gather evidence for the benefit of high-dose vitamin C to treat Covid-19 infected patients is changing that. Official claims to assess the evidence are shown to be confused and misleading. [Read the post…]

A remarkably unequal knock-down, drag-out contest is about to kick off over cholesterol-lowering.  In one corner is a major drug company with a massive PR team and a relatively new drug that hammers down cholesterol. In the other is a Lancashire GP who has long claimed cholesterol is innocent with a new book that explains what really causes heart disease. If science was the referee would be a slam-dunk for the GP. [Read the post…]



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