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A New Book by Jerome Burne and Patrick Holford

(())Demonising either fat or carbohydrates is daft. That’s because evolution has designed us to run on both. We explain the benefits of each and why switching between them is a great way to stay healthy and lose weight fast, if you need to.

The Hybrid Dietcombines my research into the low carbohydrate/ketogenic diet over the last five years with Patrick’s long clinical experience of the benefit of a low GL/slow carb diet. It’s  a radical approach based on cutting-edge science that is also practical, delicious and easy to follow.

We’ve both learned a lot from each other and incorporated elements of both diets into our lives. We don’t agree about everything but that’s not surprising; this is a hot area of research. We believe the book gives you new and effective diet plus the information needed to make sense of the future findings as they come along.

The_Hybrid_Diet_shadow300THE HYBRID DIET

For years the battle lines have been drawn between two diet camps: the low-carb, high-fat diet fans and those who favour a more vegetarian diet, rich in carbs. So which is right? This book cuts through the controversy to discover a unique method of successfully blending the two.

Variation not moderation is the secret to losing weight and gaining health

The conventional calorie-controlled, low fat, high carb diet has failed to stem the obesity epidemic and has contributed to the rise in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. Confusion reigns about what we should eat. Fat or carbs? Plant-based or meat? 

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The Hybrid Diet presents a cutting-edge and incredibly effective alternative – one that matches the evolutionary design of our bodies. We have an inbuilt ‘dual-fuel ‘mechanism for making the best of periods of feast and famine. This is our ability to run on glucose from carbs and on ketones from the fat we eat and that comes from our own fat stores.  Switch between the two and something remarkable happens – you set up a healthy cycle of growth and repair but also crave sweet foods less, and are able to derive and burn energy efficiently from fat.

The Hybrid Diet helps you:

• Lose weight and maintain your ideal weight effortlessly
• Get the benefits of fasting without going hungry
• Prevent and reverse diabetes
• Reduce your risk of cancer, cognitive decline and heart disease

You can tap into this healing cycle simply by switching between a ‘slow’ carb diet and one high in healthy fats. The Hybrid Diet explains why, when and how to switch and provides you with the simple and delicious recipes you need to do it. 

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What people who have already tried the diet say:

“I have lost 12lbs (5.5kg) and 7.7lbs of body fat in three weeks on the Hybrid Diet. I followed slow carbs/low GL for two weeks and high fat/keto for one week. I am delighted with the result and feel more energised. This isn’t a diet, it is a lifestyle way of healthy eating and living.  I feel in control of my body and the plan makes it very easy.” Paula T, London

“I lost 12 lbs (5.4kg) in weight, 5 inches from my waist and 4 inches from my hips. I followed slow carbs/low GL for the first two weeks and felt switched on as soon as I woke up. No lethargy. Full of energy and vitality throughout which was unlike me. I switched to the high fat/ketogenic phase in week 3. Initially felt cranky, irritable and tired. Interestingly, I was not at all hungry during the fasting periods. At the end of week 3, I feel wonderful.” Sarah, Dublin

“I lost 8lbs (3.5kg) and 7.5lbs in fat mass. I followed low GL for the first two weeks and the high-fat phase in week 3. For the first three days of high fat (ketosis) I felt tired and had some headaches but overall my PMS symptoms significantly improved, and bowel movements became more regular.  I feel more energetic and am sleeping more so I can avoid my evening snacking habit.” Eloise H, London

What the experts say:

“The concept of combining the low GL and ketogenic diets is the best of both worlds. It’s well-researched and clearly written. It explains how food can change the way your body functions, encouraging people to take responsibility for their own health. The NHS should be delighted. Kieran Clarke, Professor of Physiological Biochemistry, University of Oxford

 “Many diet books seem written by people with no understanding of human physiology and biochemistry. Here, Patrick Holford and Jerome Burne have brought together the best, most up to date knowledge in the area.  If you follow their advice, you will improve your health, lose weight, avoid diabetes and reduce your risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s. What more could you ask?” Dr Malcolm Kendrick, GP and author of ’The Great Cholesterol Con’

“The Hybrid Diet is a very intriguing and interesting idea. This book enables individuals to experiment and create the best diet for their own good health.” Dr David Unwin, winner of Innovator of the Year award from Royal College of GP’s

“A thoughtful, intelligent, highly informative, and practically useful contribution to the seemingly intractable debate on what constitutes a healthy diet.” Joanna Blythman – award-winning food writer

“This book couldn’t be more timely with the obesity and diabetes spiral at an all-time high! It provides well-researched information on the risks and benefits of both carbs and healthy fats how to switch between them. A versatile and accessible solution for anyone who’s struggled with weight loss or low energy – essential reading.” Robert Verkerk, founder of Alliance for Natural Health

 “Patrick Holford and Jerome Burne are superb communicators and their writings are soundly based on the scientific and medical literature and very much at the forefront of nutritional medicine.” Emeritus Professor David Smith, University of Oxford

Certainly original and provocative, this is a refreshing exploration of what constitutes a healthy diet from more than one viewpoint. Maybe we don’t have to choose between fat and carbs. You probably won’t agree with all of it, but you won’t know unless you read it. Dr Zoe Harcombe, nutritionist

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  • As a keto diet specialist, i appreciate the author for sharing this helpful content. The informations are real and helpful

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