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Sons of statin: How the new arrivals narrowly missed disaster

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Last month two new cholesterol lowering drugs stepped into the limelight at AHA’s (American Heart Association) annual conference. Neither is likely to make it to market until the end of next year but soon after that they are likely to be coming to a doctor’s surgery near you.

Current Posts – 01 December 2014

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If you rely on headline […]

The hidden cause of costly vitamin deficiency among older people

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A new, as yet unpublished, study shows that the elderly are very likely to seriously lack vitamin D, raising their risk of broken bones. What’s more care homes rarely offer supplements. Making the situation even worse are the cocktails of prescription drugs that many of these patients swallow daily.

Current Posts – 21 November 2014

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Ignorance and suspicion surround the […]

Current Posts – 13 November 2014

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Friday 14 Dec 2014 is […]

High fat low carb diet for diabetes: A GP’s tale

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A few years ago Dr David Unwin stumbled upon the website for patients with diabetes, fairly easily confused with the official diabetes charity site. It was a revelation. “It had over 100,000 members and one of the most popular topics was the low carb high fat diet,” he says.

Alzheimer’s: the new radical life-style program that can reverse it

6 by / on 26 Oct 2014, / in dementia

The obvious problem with the recent government announcement that doctors will be paid for diagnosing people with dementia, is that there is no approved form of treatment. This is because research funding has all concentrated on finding a drug that will slow the disease down or even stop it in its tracks.

Current Posts – 26 October 2014

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Experts in Alzheimer’s disease agree […]

Statin wars: You thought it was about the evidence – Chief Scientific Advisor says you’re wrong

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Regular readers of the “Statin Wars” soap that we’ve been following here for several months will be eager to know the result of the survey sent to members of the British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) last month. (Read More…)

Current Posts – 22 October 2014

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How naïve we’ve been. For […]

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