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Q & A: Almost totally bogus: the theory behind the low fat diet

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Professor Richard Feinman is a biochemist who came late to nutrition. He was shocked by the poor quality of the science he found there. HIUK asked him about the background to his paper that calls for a major U-turn on the diet diabetics are advised to follow. (Read More…)

Twelve reasons why diabetes charities should ditch the low fat diet and recommend low carbs

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If you know anything about nutrition, and especially if you have friends or people in your family with diabetes, you have probably wondered: Why are diabetics advised to follow a low fat diet?
It means you will eat lots of carbohydrates, which get turned into extra blood glucose. Odd surely when the key aim of diabetes treatment is to keep blood sugar low? … (Read More…)

Current Posts – 31 August 2014

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For decades diabetics have been […]

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