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Caught in the cross-fire across a great divide

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When you are acutely, chronically or terminally ill, as I am, you will do all you can to live as well as you can for as long as you can and, when your options are genuinely exhausted, to die as well as you can too.

Current Posts – 26 May 2015

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A deep and fiercely contested […]

Less is more: How to save the NHS. Spend less on unnecessary drugs

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Here’s a radical idea. Why not use drugs for cases where they are appropriate, safe and effective. And don’t use them when they aren’t. Wild eh! It’s an idea that could save the NHS billions. Three clinicians I know are thinking along exactly these lines.

Current Posts – 18 May 2015

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Doctors take on prevention is […]

Your indispensable guide through the health advice jungle

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We are being doctored to death. GPs’ surgeries and public health bodies routinely warn of hazards lurking all around us. They tell us sunshine is bad. Drinking alcohol is bad. Cholesterol is bad. Saturated fat is bad. Being overweight is bad.

Current Posts – 8 May 2015

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‘Health and safety gone mad’ […]

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