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Got cancer? Want to explore other options? This is all you need to start

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Twelve years ago Robin Daly’s 23-year-old daughter Bryony was dying of cancer when he set up a charity called Yes to Life to provide information about unconventional treatments such as changes in diet, supplements, vitamin C infusions, oxygen therapy and the like. At the time, although popular all such complementary options were sternly rejected as ineffective and possibly dangerous by conventional oncologists.

Current Posts – 20 July 2016

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If you are diagnosed with […]

How senior medics use strong arm tactics to close down the debate on statin side effects

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One of the alarming and intriguing things about the cholesterol lowering drugs statins is the vigour and ferocity with which supporters defend them. It’s alarming because it makes it almost impossible for both doctors and patients to get accurate information about their risks and benefits. Intriguing because it is so unscientific.

Current Posts – 12 July 2016

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When newspapers report on research […]

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