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Low fat blinkers keep low carbs in the cold. Time for a coalition.

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If the low carb diet was a political party, it should be now be close to forming a government. Its story mirrors that of actual parties – founded decades ago, it was small for a long time, languishing on the fringes of respectability; its policies were dismissed as untested and possibly dangerous by the low-fat ruling party which had close links to big business.

Current Posts – 22 Jan 2018

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It’s time for a coalition […]

Current Posts – 08 Jan 2018

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Behind the apparently frivolous disagreement […]

Healthy Eating: The Big Mistake by Dr Verner Wheelock with Marika Sboros (Columbus Publishing £12.99)

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‘I wish they’d make up their minds,’ you may find yourself muttering if you don’t follow healthy eating debates all that closely. ‘One moment they tell us to stop eating butter and eggs on pain of having a heart attack and to have marge and no more than an egg a week.

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