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Revealing the Dark Matter of Cancer

21 by / on 12 Apr 2023, / in cancer

By Jerome Burne Part 1 […]

How the ketogenic diet starves a tumour then genetically engineers the cancer cells

7 by / on 20 Feb 2017, / in cancer

Last week I ended my post with the finger pointing firmly at sugar (glucose) in the blood as being a vital source of fuel for cancer growth. Turning cancerous has the effect of re-wiring a cell’s energy production system so it becomes more demanding and less efficient (known as glycolosis).

New theory signals end of the war on cancer. Makes way for non-drug treatments

16 by / on 18 Nov 2016, / in cancer

A diagnosis of cancer is really scary. It can seem as if there are only two options, neither very appealing. Conventional treatment which promises a lot but is likely to be toxic and gruelling or the complementary route, seen to lack the punch needed to beat cancer.

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