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There is a case for treating virus victims with vitamin C, say UK intensive care experts

5 by / on 28 Aug 2020, / in viral infections and vaccines

By Jerome Burne Amid the […]

Cuddly dietitians in cosy embrace of industry fat cats

9 by / on 16 Mar 2015, / in Vested interests

If this blog included cartoons, the one illustrating this post would show a small mouse-like dietitian held in the fearsome claws of a vast and grinning fat cat wearing a suit covered in brand names such as Coca-Cola, Mars, Nestlé, Unilever Foods and WK Kellogg Institute.
The dietician’s speech bubble would read: ‘It’s OK I’ve got it under control.’ It would be captioned: ‘The delusion of the dietitians’.

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