Welcome to the debut of HealthInsightUK – a forum for doctors, journalist and anyone interested in medicine and health who thinks less medicine and a more genuine commitment to health is a good idea. Our contributors all have their own blogs which turn a sceptical eye on common assumptions about prevention and suggest better solutions. It’s a combination HealthInsightUK intends to promote.

Our lead feature explains why a particular diet could help to actually treat cancer, not just be a handmaiden to drugs and surgery. The assumption that a prescription is the best way to treat any disorders appears most wrong-headed for diabetes; one of the blogs borrowed from a contributor’s site clearly summarises why.

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We’ve borrow blogs because they give a flavour our contributors work and let you know what to expect from us. Two other borrowed blogs deal with preventing heart disease, a multibillion pound business that seems able to ignore evidence suggesting it much less effective and more dangerous than claimed.

We’d love to talk to other bloggers who are also keen to push for change.

Jerome Burne – Editor



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