It’s been a great week if you don’t believe that eating a low fat diet is the way to stay healthy – see Zoë Harcombe’s article, suggesting that the Minister for Public Health needs to bone up on the biochemistry of fat metabolism.

It’s also been good if you are sceptical about statins being a sensible way of cutting your risk of a heart attack when you haven’t had one. Dr John Briffa finds that a recent report in favour of prescribing even more statins is seriously misleading both about the benefits and the side effects.

The two articles raise serious questions about the way those charged with protecting our public health are doing their job; whether their advice is based on good evidence and to what extent it is influenced by commercial interests.

Cholesterol lowering drugs involve very powerful commercial interests and a new generation of post-statin drugs is due within the next year or so. Dr Malcolm Kendrick has been looking at what’s coming; you should be very worried.

Jerome Burne – Editor



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