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A big trial is underway to test if putting obese patients on a very low calorie diet using nutritional shakes can reverse diabetes. Our contributor Hannah Sutter explains why this 40-year-old weight loss program that has an unimpressive track record is unlikely to be the answer. She wants to know why a more plausible approach using a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet is being ignored. Commercial interest is a plausible answer.

Should many more of us be taking statins and if so what’s the evidence it is a good idea? NICE suggests that their guidelines should be changed to make millions more eligible for the drug. But they are basing their recommendation on the work of a far less well known body -The Cholesterol Trialist (CTT) Collaboration, a highly respected research group in Oxford. An HealthInsightUK investigation – CTT House of statin secrets - has found the CTT is worryingly secretive and has limited information about side-effects.

HealthInsightUK has a number of contributors who are experts in statins. Here three of them – Dr John Briffa, Zoe Harcombe and Aidan Goggins respond to the CTT investigation. They explain why side-effect data is unreliable and disagree about whether it is in the drug companies interest that the risk of side-effects is downplayed or is that part of cunning plan?

Getting the cancer all-clear is obviously cause for celebration but for far too many survivors that is just the beginning. Living with the aftermath of cancer treatment can involve all sorts of health problems and the help and understanding available is totally inadequate. Mike Wakeman tells you what to expect, what to do about it and where to go for more help.



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