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Lazy and irrelevant research used to smear vitamins as dangerous. Not again!

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Yet another round of media stories this week picking up on an “expert’s” claim that vitamins are ineffective and dangerous. They are the medical equivalent of blaming immigrants or single mothers for various social ills; scare stories that spin the data and draw totally unjustified conclusions.

Current Posts – 28 Apr 2015

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 Anyone who works seriously with […]

Governments are spending hundreds of millions researching cancer genes. Is it all a big waste of time?

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There is a powerful myth, widely believed by cancer patients and their doctors, that soon a greater understanding of genetics will provide the tools to defeat cancer. Unfortunately this optimistic scenario is in serious trouble, yet few are aware of what has been happening.
The data coming out of the latest American genetic screening program, a 500 million dollar project called The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) launched in 2006 – has revealed that the gene changes within the cells of individual tumours are far more complicated and chaotic than anyone had anticipated.

Current Posts – 02 Apr 2015

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How are we going to […]

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