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How are we going to beat cancer? We’ve bet the farm – hundreds of millions of pounds – on targeting cancer genes with drugs. But is this a dead end? A radical new book reveals that cancer genes are far more chaotic and random than the theory predicted. But there is another target – the way cancer cells make energy. Cutting off tumours’ energy supply could be a whole new approach.

Dietitians are the people we trust to give us the best and latest information about how to lose weight or what is a healthy balanced diet. But should we? Food companies are now involved in setting national guidelines on food. Can we really rely on dietitians to challenge the financial muscle of Big Food? A recent investigation suggests not.

Medical opinion that the Saatchi Bill was a quacks’ charter and should be thrown out won the day last week to the deep disappointment of many patients. It would have granted doctors greater freedom to deliver new or unlicensed treatments to terminal cancer patients. The doctors argued that the bill would have created “false hope”. In a powerful and moving post, Sophie Sabbage explains how logically flawed and patronising that rationale is.

Fighting in the high-fat low-carb corner against the low fat dietary establishment can be a lonely business. Funding is sparse and colleagues don’t just dispute your data, they take it personally and attack your competence, motives and scientific judgment. So when over five hundred of them came together for a conference in South Africa last month it was a happy, inspiring event and the science was cutting edge. They went home promising a revolution.



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