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Statin cheerleader Sir Rory Collins plans to examine himself. It could prove painful

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Professor Sir Rory Collins, the austere director of the institute in Oxford that produce much of the evidence supporting the increasing use of cholesterol –lowering statins, is in hot water once more. Last week he declared that he intended to investigate himself.

Current Posts – 22 July 2015

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After twenty five years we […]

How evidence based medicine is failing patients. What needs to be done to fix it

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It’s no secret that there are serious problems with the practice of scientific evidence based medicine (EBM). It’s obviously a good idea to have a system for ensuring treatments are safe and effective. But as a defence against dangerous or poor drugs, the working of our current one makes the pre-crash banking regulation look rigorous.

Current Posts – 9 July 2015

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Evidence based medicine (EBM), which […]

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