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Evidence based medicine (EBM), which is supposed to be a guarantee of safe and effective treatments, is proving more of a hindrance than a help to our health. A pioneering GP talks about his disenchantment with the follies of EBM and describes how encouraging life-style changes has made a huge difference to the health of his patients.  EBM is too lax when dealing with dodgy drugs and ham fisted at assessing life-style changes. Read more…

Statins can help fight cancer. This was the claim hailed as an important breakthrough by some last week and dismissed as over-hyped rubbish by others. So which is it? Here we have asked Godfrey Stoloff CEO of the ground-breaking Care Oncology Clinic in London to explain how statin drugs are able to have an impact on cancer.

For years many cancer patients have felt hugely frustrated by their doctors’ lack of interest in any form of treatment that didn’t fit the standard model. Now a pioneering clinic is offering an exciting third way that could break this log jam. In the process it’s highlighting some of the shortcomings of what is on offer at the moment.

A deep and fiercely contested fault line runs down the middle of cancer treatment – SAM (standard authorized model) Vs. CAM (complementary and alternative medicine). Sophie Sabbage has been writing wisely and movingly about both the grim realities and the sweet moments of being a cancer patient. Here she makes plea for the warring sides in this running battle to abandon their polemic and build bridges to support their patients.




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