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How do you know that the drugs you are taking are safe and effective? Well they have been tested with at least two large randomised controlled trials which found  that the risks outweigh the benefits. Actually only one is needed but that’s right in theory. However it is easy to fudge the results so a negative trial shows up positive. Really? Read about trial 329; it should make you feel very nervous.

Do you take omega-3 believing it will keep your memory functioning a bit longer? And are you now thinking of stopping because a big study found it didn’t work? Well don’t. Despite the trial’s impressive credentials, it had more holes than a brain in the final stages of dementia. Here we expose the black art of testing a supplement in a way that is sure to make it fail. 

There’s no effective treatment for Alzheimer’s so you might think the experts would be eager to test anything that looked even slightly promising. But that’s not the way it works for non-drug treatments that might help. The default response to them is to run trials that are set up to fail. Sounds unlikely? Read about what’s been happening with high dose B vitamins  found to cut brain shrinkage by 90%.

After twenty five years we still don’t know how safe statins are and it is quite possible that lowering cholesterol is not good for your health. Twenty years in which drug company marketing departments have used all their dark arts to make these drugs the most widely prescribed ever. And now a new type of cholesterol lowering drug that is even stronger is on its way. Are we mad? 




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