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Current Posts – 04 Apr 2016

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I have been heralding the […]

Prozac is the safest drug for depressed children. Why this is a myth.

27 by / on 22 Mar 2016, / in evidence based medicine

There can be few people who think that putting an increasing number of children on SSRI anti-depressants is really a good idea but then reflect that it’s just one of those things. Cash strapped NHS; time-poor GPs; waiting lists of months for therapy; drugs cheap; they may help some.

Current Posts – 22 Mar 2016

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The link between suicide, anti-depressant […]

Prevention is the best way of tackling Alzheimer’s. So why is it being ignored and discredited?

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We all agree that Alzheimer’s is a dreadful disease and something has to be done about it because there’s no treatment and it’s costing billions. So prevention would be a good idea, wouldn’t it, especially since if it works it would both cut your risk and save vast amounts of money.

Current Posts – 08 Feb 2016

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Alzheimer’s charities have fallen victim […]

Evidence based medicine doesn’t protect patients – it just prevents them getting unpatentable treatments

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Leafing through the New Year papers I was struck by the similarity between the housing crisis the diabetes and obesity epidemics. In one case rapidly inflating prices pushing virtually all properties out of reach of anyone on an average wage, in the other a relentless expansion of supermarket shelving devoted to refined carbohydrates, driving an inexorable inflation of the nation’s waistlines.

Current Posts – 08 Jan 2016

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Industries stop putting customers first […]

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