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Here’s one unsurprising discovery: prime time TV is not the time to expect an imaginative and informed program about diet instead of something as insubstantial and non-nutritious as rendered meat. Here is something very surprising and very hopeful. Two multibillion global companies have recently declared their support for the low carb approach to preventing an reversing diabesity. Watch out for a clash of Titans.

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A year ago a journalist placed a (metaphorical) bomb under the most influential nutritional body in the world – the DGA. It tells Americans what to eat to stay healthy. Low fat? Low carbs? The GDA decides. Last week the bomb went off. The DGA wasn’t giving good advice. It had favoured low fat for decades but the evidence of benefit was tiny and ignored the most current science when it dismissed low carbs. Meet the rebels and the victims.

A radical new theory about the causes of cancer and how best to treat it is catching the attention of serious academics. It suggests that peering ever closer at cancer genes has been a mistake and that the key to treating cancer is not waging war but diplomacy; gently persuading rogue cells to behave normally once more. Some of the best tools for doing this can be found in the toolbox of integrated medicine. Read more…

Several million people in the UK suffer from a serious vitamin B12 deficiency, which is very easy to treat with regular injections. But medics’ lack of the most basic nutritional knowledge and of the way vitamins work means that they have created a totally unnecessary obstacle course to being correctly diagnosed and then being effectively treated. Removing the obstacles would save lives; teaching docs about vitamins would save even more. Read more… 




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