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Oncologists don’t do diet. For decades they have stoutly maintained you can eat what you like, just get the calories in. It’s a doctrine that’s been looking increasingly unsustainable with the advent of the very low carb ketogenic diet. It has a very plausible mechanism and growing evidence of benefit. Recently the Guardian dismissed it as a myth in an article that was itself riddled with myths. (Read more…)

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The method we currently use to tell if a treatment is safe and effective (Evidence Based Medicine) is a disaster. It gives a very easy ride to drugs and rigs the rules so however potentially safe and effective a diet or lifestyle treatment, it will fail to take the required test. This is Fake Evidence Based Medicine and it is need of a serious overhaul. First step would be to start listening to patients. (Read more…)

Here’s one unsurprising discovery: prime time TV is not the time to expect an imaginative and informed program about diet instead of something as insubstantial and non-nutritious as rendered meat. Here is something very surprising and very hopeful. Two multibillion global companies have recently declared their support for the low carb approach to preventing an reversing diabesity. Watch out for a clash of Titans.

A year ago a journalist placed a (metaphorical) bomb under the most influential nutritional body in the world – the DGA. It tells Americans what to eat to stay healthy. Low fat? Low carbs? The GDA decides. Last week the bomb went off. The DGA wasn’t giving good advice. It had favoured low fat for decades but the evidence of benefit was tiny and ignored the most current science when it dismissed low carbs. Meet the rebels and the victims.



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