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The public news about cancer is usually upbeat – new, improved, safe, personalised, targeted treatments coming soon. But in a remarkable series of articles a researcher at Kings College London has been forensically documenting the extensive and largely ignored failings of drugs caused by poor regulation, misinforming patients and collusion between government and industry. [Read more…]

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Cancer drugs can come with nasty side-effects, we know that, but they are worth taking because they have been properly scientifically tested and found to help patients live longer and have a better quality of life. But the latest research shows that the reality is not so comforting. Over half of new drugs are being prescribed to patients with little or no evidence they do any good at all. Here’s how it works.

Top oncologist and author of a highly praised book on the history of cancer, Siddhartha Mukherjee, says cancer experts need to understand how the body naturally fights cancer to cut the risk of it spreading. Drugs and peering deeper into cancer genomes won’t do it. The way to go is holistic but he can’t bring himself to say that. [Read more…]

The assumption of their superiority by white male elites has been severely undermined by the massive failure of systems such as banking and politics. But their counterparts in medicine can be just as arrogant and their failures to do anything other than throw more drugs at the epidemics of chronic disease just as damaging to the rest of us. Time to call them out and demand more democracy and more flexible thinking. 




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