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A big and damaging gap in GPs medical training is that they learn virtually nothing about nutrition.  It’s daft when all the big chronic killers are rooted in lifestyle i.e. what patients eat and how they live. So, it’s great that a new course is being run by two high profile GPs to teach their colleagues about the benefits of very specific lifestyle prescriptions rather than reflex drug prescribing. Here Dr Panja describes when they can expect. [Read more…]

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It’s time for a coalition of low carb supporters. For too long the ‘blind eye’ had been the favoured low-fat lobby strategy for dealing with this challenge to its hegemony. Ignore positive trials and claim no evidence. Now they’ve done it again. Two research reports – very low calories for diabetes and the diabetes drug metformin for cancer. Low or very low carb, the obvious more palatable alternative, nowhere. Time to hang together. [Read more…]

Behind the apparently frivolous disagreement about the benefits of blue top vs green top milk, eggs: good or bad and the merits of marge and butter is a fierce academic debate about whether it is fat in our foods or the infinite supply of carbohydrates that is making us sick and tired.  Dr Verner is in no doubt about which is killing us and the large commercial interests supporting it. [Read more…]

Psychedelic drugs have long been outlawed and associated with the wilder and more dangerous shores of the Sixties. Less familiar is that some psychiatrists believed in their therapeutic potential and ran over 100 studies, many reporting favourable results. Now hallucinatory mind bending is back and brain scans are starting to unravel the secrets of their effects




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