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For the last 15 years complex system, known as QOF, that relies on mathematical models and tick boxes, has created a straitjacket for your GP, narrowly defining the ways you should be treated. Now studies have found that it has met none of its targets for keeping you healthier and living longer. Yet the profession is showing no sign of being interested in learning from its mistakes. [Read more…]

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Ask your GP how best to avoid chronic diseases and you’ll be told drugs that lower your risk factors. But a new book reveals we have an epidemic of over-prescribing and hat a massive experiment to test this idea ended in failure yet it is virtually unknown. Reducing the number of drugs given to the elderly dramatically cut their rate of dying and hospital admission. Yet ‘unprescribing’ is a huge risk for doctors. [Read more…]

Last week’s post had a brief mention of new developments in a radical approach to cancer. What beavers and other invasive species can teach us about cancer; a synthetic version of ketones – the energy source cancers can’t use; the drug cocktail that extends survival from brain cancer.  This week you get the full versions. [Read more…]

Much coverage recently about the way medicine is failing to deal with chronic disease because doctors aren’t taught about diet and nutrition. This is increasingly accepted in the case of diabetes and obesity, but it is equally true of cancer. So far, the cancer mainstream shows little sign allowing that anything other than surgery, drugs and radiotherapy has any part to play. That could be changing. [Read more…]



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