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Confused by the war between the supporters of fats and carbs?  Do carbs make you fat and sick? Will a low carb diet deprive you of fibre and take years off your life?  I’ve just written a book – The Hybrid Diet – with nutritionist Patrick Holford, which brings clarity. You should regularly eat both. We are designed to run on both fat and carbs. You just need to switch between them. [Read more…]

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If you’ve had dealings with cancer, have you ever heard an oncologist asking about the fuel a cancer is relying on for survival and proposing a treatment that would help to starve it? If so you’re lucky. You were dealing with a functional medicine medic who knew about the benefits of blocking a cancer’s fuel supply and mounting a multi-pronged, very unconventional attack on it. This post is about the woman who pioneered this approach. [Read more…]

A recent article in the Lancet, widely covered in the press, claimed that if everyone in the UK aged 75+ took statins, deaths from heart disease would plummet and 8,000 lives would be saved. Shockingly, because the Lancet is a respected medical journal, it’s nonsense. Just the latest campaign by the massive statin scam that has been running for decades. This time it is targeting pensioners. The mis-selling of PPI is looking mild and modest by comparison. [Read more…]

The British Press has been engaged in a remarkable bout of fake news about the effectiveness of cancer drugs. A report which condemned a billion-pound fund set up to make unapproved new drugs available to patients as a total failure. However it was described as a major success in over 300 follow up news stories. The only way to describe the use of these drugs is ‘quackery’. [Read more...] 



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