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Do you wonder if you can believe everything drug companies claim about the safety of vaccines or statins? After all they do often exaggerate benefits and minimise risk. If you question vaccines, the rhetoric says you are a   bigger threat to the planet than Donald Trump. Questioning statins makes you an irrational statin denier. The evidence-based medicine wars are hotting up. [Read more…]

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Confused by the war between the supporters of fats and carbs?  Do carbs make you fat and sick? Will a low carb diet deprive you of fibre and take years off your life?  I’ve just written a book – The Hybrid Diet – with nutritionist Patrick Holford, which brings clarity. You should regularly eat both. We are designed to run on both fat and carbs. You just need to switch between them. [Read more…]

If you’ve had dealings with cancer, have you ever heard an oncologist asking about the fuel a cancer is relying on for survival and proposing a treatment that would help to starve it? If so you’re lucky. You were dealing with a functional medicine medic who knew about the benefits of blocking a cancer’s fuel supply and mounting a multi-pronged, very unconventional attack on it. This post is about the woman who pioneered this approach. [Read more…]

A recent article in the Lancet, widely covered in the press, claimed that if everyone in the UK aged 75+ took statins, deaths from heart disease would plummet and 8,000 lives would be saved. Shockingly, because the Lancet is a respected medical journal, it’s nonsense. Just the latest campaign by the massive statin scam that has been running for decades. This time it is targeting pensioners. The mis-selling of PPI is looking mild and modest by comparison. [Read more…




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