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Wouldn’t it be great if medicine was like other scientifically based technologies – predictable and mostly effective. Emergency medicine – heart attacks or car crash injuries -is getting impressively close. But preventing or treating chronic conditions – heart disease, arthritis, cancer -is a long way from aeronautical engineering.  And yet treatment of such disorders make the strongest claims to be evidence-based. A new breed of Citizen Scientists is highlighting errors and calling for change. [Read the post…]

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The medical landscape harbours some rough areas where the Evidence-Based rules don’t run and where the sheriff too often turns a blind eye. A brand new lawmaker called AI is coming to town but will they help the citizens clean it up or will they end up providing more muscle for the sheriff? [Read the post…]

The risk of addiction that comes with various prescription drugs is growing. Around 190,000 people in the UK are addicted to pain killers and tranquillizers and millions suffer SSRI withdrawal. Claiming there is a compound that can stop opioid craving in 24-hours, but it has been banned sounds like social media conspiracy clickbait. But it’s true. A small band of Iboganaughts are fighting to have it legalised. [Read the post…]

The long-running guerrilla war between ME/CFS patients and the psychologists who deliver the only approved treatment, may soon be ending. For anyone not involved it seems like those military conflicts in far-away places – complicated, little understood and not much to do with me. However, the experience of the ME/CFS campaigning patients is directly relevant to grass-roots activists in other medical areas where patients’ experiences are discounted or ignored. [Read the post…]




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