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Obesity has become the No.1 target for fighting the virus because as the pounds pile on, so does your risk of dying.  However, the weapons being recommended are more muskets than Heckler and Koch.  The favoured diet is still the ancient and discredited low fat, while low carb, which works by repairing the unbalanced metabolic system that’s causing the problem, is still not available in Public Health England’s armoury. [Read the post…]

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Just how much longer can the NHS keep turning a blind eye to the virus-fighting potential of vitamin C? It’s understood elsewhere, but here the only bright side is that this lack of vision might open some other eyes. Might prompt a hammering on closed doors. Nutrition needs to demand entry to fight that other ongoing epidemic – the remorseless rise of metabolic diseases. [Read the post…]

The pandemic is driving a bonfire of red tape, No “health and safety gone mad” checks must get in the way of rolling out tests as fast as possible. Knowing who’s got it and who’s immune will be very useful but not at the expense of reliability and safety. Here are some of the details that probably aren’t being covered in the regular prints. [Read the post…]

The drug cupboard was bare of safe and effective treatments for the virus when it struck. However, one rapidly emerged that was vital for the immune system to work and could protect against the invader in a variety of ways – Vitamin C. Trouble was that medical profession doesn’t understand vitamins and thinks they don’t work, so it was casually dismissed.  Big mistake that has just been put right. [Read the post…]




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