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The virus is a mild irritant compared with the fiendish distress and vast financial cost of Alzheimer’s. So, experts and scientists are following up all leads that point to promising ways to prevent or treat it, aren’t they? Well no, actually. They are firmly turning a blind eye to anything that doesn’t promise very large profits. That’s just drug companies for you, eh? Yes, but do we have to keep putting up with it? [Read the post…]

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Despite attempts to close down discussions about the potential benefits of vitamin C in reducing risk and treating Covid infections, it is a topic that is attracting increasing interest from experts in the front line of the fight against the virus – critical care physicians. I’ve been talking to them and it’s clear that the evidence isn’t as weak as the health authorities have been claiming. [Read the post…]

Obesity has become the No.1 target for fighting the virus because as the pounds pile on, so does your risk of dying.  However, the weapons being recommended are more muskets than Heckler and Koch.  The favoured diet is still the ancient and discredited low fat, while low carb, which works by repairing the unbalanced metabolic system that’s causing the problem, is still not available in Public Health England’s armoury. [Read the post…]

Just how much longer can the NHS keep turning a blind eye to the virus-fighting potential of vitamin C? It’s understood elsewhere, but here the only bright side is that this lack of vision might open some other eyes. Might prompt a hammering on closed doors. Nutrition needs to demand entry to fight that other ongoing epidemic – the remorseless rise of metabolic diseases. [Read the post…]




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  • Dear Jerome

    Al least there is a doctor who has been able to reverse alzheimer and that is Dr. Dale Bredesen.
    Check him
    kind regards
    Pentti Raaste MD.

    • Editorial

      Yes his work is very promising. Difficulty in getting it formally tested with an RCT – what is routinely called for – is that it has even more ingredients than the homocysteine approach. They may well each be justified but as far as I know all the studies to date have been observational. There haven’t, for instance, been any of the before and after brain scans that Professor Smith did, which showed a dramatic effect.

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