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Doctors who challenge medical orthodoxy often pay a high price. Increasingly they are dismissed as ill-informed, peddling fake news and quite possibly killing people. The Mail on Sunday has been happy to mount such monsterings; giving space to the official experts and mocking their critics. It’s happened recently to well-informed, independent critics of both the low-fat diet and the widespread use of statins. But who is paying the piper? [Read the post…]

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The cancer charity Yes to Life is organising the largest online conference on an integrative approach to cancer treatment next weekend.  Combining drugs and lifestyle therapies, it is attracting top clinicians and researchers. At the same time a new book revealing the lack of evidence for the safety and effectiveness of many cancer drugs, shows how desperately a fresh approach is needed. [Read the post…]

The virus is a mild irritant compared with the fiendish distress and vast financial cost of Alzheimer’s. So, experts and scientists are following up all leads that point to promising ways to prevent or treat it, aren’t they? Well no, actually. They are firmly turning a blind eye to anything that doesn’t promise very large profits. That’s just drug companies for you, eh? Yes, but do we have to keep putting up with it? [Read the post…]

Despite attempts to close down discussions about the potential benefits of vitamin C in reducing risk and treating Covid infections, it is a topic that is attracting increasing interest from experts in the front line of the fight against the virus – critical care physicians. I’ve been talking to them and it’s clear that the evidence isn’t as weak as the health authorities have been claiming. [Read the post…]



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