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A calorie is *not* a calorie – Zoë Harcombe

The basic principle behind losing weight is to use up more calories than you consume. It’s obvious. Or maybe not. Radical nutritionists point out that this ignores the different amounts of energy needed to break down and utilise a calorie of fat vs one of carbohydrate. The implications for weight-loss diets are huge…

Why does the government ignore evidence for the benefits of Vitamin D? – Rufus Greenbaum

Omega 3, vitamin D, vitamin D – they all have evidence to show low levels are harmful. But who decides when that evidence reaches a tipping point and they become officially recommended? A government committee does this job and one of our contributor spent a year finding out how it does its job. He wasn’t impressed…

Fish Oils set to succeed statins – Aidan Goggins

Omega 3, already a favoured supplement for reducing inflammation, looks set to hit the big time by taking over from statins as the preferred pill for cutting heart disease risk. How has his happened, asks Aidan Goggins.

Other articles ahead include:

  • Lifting the lid on aspirin.
  • How much should charities rely on drug companies?

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