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Is it worth taking vitamin C to fight off the virus or are claims of benefit just more fake news? Can something so familiar that’s part of all healthy eating advice really make a difference, even in large doses? The evidence that is can is far stronger and detailed than you would think from official announcements. The recent claim that an old antimalarial drug can help makes the case of vitamin C even more compelling. [Read the post…]

Right now, we need more treatments that can help us resist or recover from the virus. Ideally, they should also be ready to use immediately, cheap (given the billions already being spent) and without a burden of damaging side effects. Sounds fanciful, but in fact remedies like that are available, it’s just that we are looking in the wrong places. Two candidates are an old drug and a vitamin supplement. [Read the post…]

Drug companies are infamous for playing fast and loose with data about their products. So why have they got a get-out-of-jail-free card for vaccines? ‘These are very effective, very safe, end of. Disagree at your peril.’ Here is data from sensible sources suggesting, how shall I put it, that the HPV vaccine specifically could be improved so it caused fewer side effects. Vaccine Upgrade Deniers (VUDs) are targeting the wrong people. [Read the post…]

The threat of the new coronavirus is growing as deaths and the number infected rise. But attempts to control the epidemic are being hampered by an unreliable test. It can show people as infected when they aren’t and give infected people the all-clear. This makes quarantining less effective and means healthy people will get dangerous and unnecessary treatments. Trials that could improve the test are not being done. [Read the post…]




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